Our clients receive big law firm expertise, and get the attention, commitment, and loyalty of a boutique firm.

Our Leaders
When you hire Trade Pacific PLLC, you work with our leadership team.  You get the quality and direct involvement of our professionals, who personally conduct all of the work.  We also perform all of our own SAS programming and data analysis in-house.  Our insight and expertise in global trade laws is deepened by our immersion at the ground level.
The long-term view.
Our goal is not just to protect clients from compliance liability, but also to create real tangible advantages.  For example, the monetary benefits of participating strategically in a countervailing duty or an antidumping duty case can far outweigh the initial cost of preparing for one.  No company wants to be involved in litigation or an international trade dispute, but there are market opportunities for companies that make conflict management a strategic advantage.
Strong relationships.
Trade litigation and resolving export violations can be adversarial, but achieving success for our clients depends on maintaining honest working relationships with our legal counterparts and with the U.S. Departments of Commerce, State, and Treasury.  Unlike many international trade practices in Washington, DC, we take, to the extent practical, a cooperative rather than an antagonistic approach in our work with opposing lawyers and government administrators.  In pursuing trade remedies, we believe that exhaustive preparation, complete and accurate responses, and a cooperative attitude result not only in trade that is fair, but also in outcomes that are best for our clients.
Our full attention.
As a boutique firm, we take on clients and projects only when we know that we can devote the required time and resources. By adopting this approach, our clients know that we will be available and working (domestically and abroad, whatever it takes) until the job is complete. Our clients receive our full attention.
A preventative business model.
Preparation and review is the key to successful trade litigation and compliance.  Trade Pacific’s business model offers unique value to companies facing investigations and the like.  We are not a data collection firm.  We do not receive information from our clients and simply transfer that information to the government.  Rather, we work directly with our clients in advance to educate them on what the regulatory schemes require, what is necessary to comply, and how to develop methodologies that best position them to avoid liability.
Transparent cost structures.
Our fee arrangements are usually on a fixed-fee basis. Our cost structure is transparent, and our clients know that our focus is on the results and not the time it takes to get there.