A good preventative strategy must include a retrospective review of pricing and market conditions to assess antidumping duty or countervailing duty liability.  We offer the following liability prevention services to give a competitive advantage:

  • Trade Pacific periodically monitors the status of the U.S. domestic industry, the prices of competitors, and general import trends.  By “taking the temperature” of a domestic industry and market in this manner, we assess the risk of imminent antidumping duty or countervailing duty actions.  This approach imposes minimal burdens on a company, and serves as a useful tool for assessing risk.
  • Trade Pacific assists exporters in general risk monitoring by periodically reviewing import statistics, and by monitoring relevant trade reports and market rumors regarding possible new trade actions.
  • Trade Pacific assists exporters with periodic analyses of export and home-market sales and cost information by employing the U.S. Commerce Department’s rules and methodologies.  This provides an exporter with an indication of its possible AD liability, and serves as a useful periodic tool to adjust prices to acceptable levels.