Being competitive and successful in today’s global economy requires more than just having a good product and an open market.  Established and growing companies need disciplined business practices in place to ensure that they are acting in accordance with international trade regimes.  Companies also need to be able to assess their potential liability for failing to comply with such rules and make decisions accordingly.  And they need a coordinated effort among internal teams, such as sales, production, engineering, and accounting in order to make compliance with international trade rules a reality.  Trade Pacific adopts these essential strategies to assist our clients’ business expansion efforts and to help our clients be market leaders.

Proactive and Preventative Planning (AD/CVD)
An effective trade strategy, built from the company’s earliest stages, is critical to a company’s success.  Trade Pacific helps clients craft and refine their export and import strategies.  Although antidumping duty and countervailing duty cases are brought against entire countries and industries, it is critical to recognize that the ultimate targets of such proceedings are individual companies.

Because of the varying antidumping duty and countervailing duty margins, AD and CVD orders can have disastrous consequences for unprepared companies.  However, companies that plan correctly can achieve benefits from unfair trade investigations.  In most cases, an exporter’s keenest competition does not come from a market contender in the importing nation, but rather from a fellow exporter.  Companies that plan well and succeed in an unfair trade case can gain a significant and lasting advantage over other exporters that do not.

When companies plan strategically with Trade Pacific, they can take advantage of commercial opportunities presented by antidumping duty and countervailing duty restraints.  Companies that participate meaningfully in investigations and administrative review procedures (and plan in advance for them) acquire commercial advantages over their competition.

Retroactive Liability Assessment(AD/CVD)

A good preventative strategy must include a retrospective review of pricing and market conditions to assess antidumping duty or countervailing duty liability.  We offer the following liability prevention services to give a competitive advantage:

    • Trade Pacific periodically monitors the status of the U.S. domestic industry, the prices of competitors, and general import trends. By “taking the temperature” of a domestic industry and market in this manner, we assess the risk of imminent antidumping duty or countervailing duty actions.  This approach imposes minimal burdens on a company, and serves as a useful tool for assessing risk.
    • Trade Pacific assists exporters in general risk monitoring by periodically reviewing import statistics, and by monitoring relevant trade reports and market rumors regarding possible new trade actions.
    • Trade Pacific assists exporters with periodic analyses of export and home-market sales and cost information by employing the Commerce Department’s rules and methodologies.  This provides an exporter with an indication of its possible AD liability, and serves as a useful periodic tool to adjust prices to acceptable levels.
Team Building

Participation in unfair trade cases often exposes a company to critical aspects of its own performance and operations that previously went unnoticed or were underappreciated.  If addressed properly, involvement in trade disputes and export control compliance efforts can result in long-term gains because companies succeed best when their separate divisions and functional units are more completely aware of each other’s roles and responsibilities.

In our experience, unfair trade litigation and export controls can help companies re-evaluate their sales priorities, implement accounting system improvements, and change their course in ways that lead to market developments, production efficiencies, and greater profitability.  From starting as an ancillary side effect of reducing international trade compliance liability, company team building now has become an integral part of our client representation.