Trade Pacific Welcomes International Trade Analyst Amber Jeffcoat

January 6, 2022

Trade Pacific is pleased to announce that Amber Jeffcoat has joined the firm as an International Trade Analyst.

Amber Jeffcoat is an international trade analyst who provides SAS® computer programming and data analytic support in antidumping duty (AD) investigations and administrative reviews before the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC). Amber has worked regularly with clients to co-ordinate all data collection, understand the clients’ business structure and determine the most beneficial reporting methodologies. Amber is a crucial part of the litigation team who analyzes complex issues in order to develop strategies and improve client results. Amber also compiles clients’ sales and cost data, estimates potential AD duty liability, participates in foreign and U.S. verifications of clients, and examines the DOC’s comprehensive SAS® margin calculation programs for clerical or methodological errors. Amber has supported clients in unfair trade proceedings involving a variety of consumer and industrial products around the world, including clients in Argentina, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and Spain.

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